Enjoy your hand-free travel around Akihabara! Here are your must-visit spots.

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Hello guys. This article will show you fascinating spots and shops around Akihabara, which is one of the most famous area in Tokyo. Akihabara is the hub of Japanese pop and sub cultures such as anime, manga, and games. Also there are a lot of shops which sell electronic devices and parts.
Once you arrived at Akihabara, you may have some trouble to handle with your luggage because you need to enjoy and buy things as many as you can! Both of your hands must be free. As one of the restaurants in Akihabara has registered our hand-free luggage storage, please visit the booking website below link if you want to book there.
This shop is 2 minutes walk from Akihabara station.
Also, you can enjoy your lunch here.



OK, after you stored your luggage there, what would you like to do?



Fist thing you should not miss in Akihabara is YODOBASHI CAMERA, the biggest electronics retailer in Japan.
They have 10 stories in the building, and you can buy not only electronics, but also clothes, music cds, books and some foods.

You can find Apple products here.


You like Japanese anime?
You can see the latest animation popular in Japan now here.
There is an exhibition of original pictures of animation, and you can buy some goods.


If you are a big fan of Japanese animation, you should visit Radio Kaikan.
This gigantic shop sells lots of Japanese animation goods, and there are some items you can find ONLY here.
The shop is located 1 minute walk from the station’s “Electric Town Entrance”.


This shop sells ONLY Gachapon, and said to be a sanctuary of Gachapon.
You can find 430 machines and you will definitely find the one you want to gacha.
50 machines are replaced every months.



>No.1 Maid-cafe in Akihabara
>Other link you may like


Cosplay also is one of the biggest culture in Akihabara. You can rent some easy costumes such as maids, shrine maidens, and ninja.

>Official Link to Shop
>Other image in Instagram

Find your best culture in Akihabara!

With those infomation, your experience in akihabara would be the best!
Enjoy your stay with hand-free.
Do not forget receiving your luggage!

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