Realtime Online Checking of Coin-lockers in Tokyo

February 15日, 2019年 / / 1コメント
Hello, everyone!
We believe that you will have some trouble on handling your luggage during traveling in Tokyo.
It is bothering to carry them around and, more than anything, is HEAVY.
You may think to store your luggage in coin-lockers in stations but it will be difficult to find empty lockers.
Especially in busy hours or weekend, it will take so long time to find and your limited time will be wasted.

| Before searching coin-lockers

There is the way you can surely store your luggage.
You can store it to shops or restaurants who providing with luggage storage services.
You can search them in the URL below, so please consider using it.
Here is Tebura Ninja, the luggage storage service.

| Check availability of lockers in real-time

You can check availability of the lockers in main stations in Tokyo with the map and detail, such as,
  • location of lockers
  • availability of lockers with different sizes
  • number of lockers with different sizes
This online checking service is provided in following stations,
(Each link goes to its website.)
  • Tokyo Station
  • Shinagawa Station
  • Shinjuku Station
  • Ikebukuro Station
  • Ueno Station

| How to Use

This is very simple.
When you access the website and choose the floor, you will see the map of the station and each icon show the availability.
You can choose the size of lockers with the buttons below.
When you click or tap each icon, you can check availability of each size.

| Hope to be more useful

This service is limited in some main stations, but we believe that more travelers including foreigners will come to Japan and the needs of luggage storage will increase.
We will try to increase service providers, and we hope this kind of services will be more useful.

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