Notation on the basis of specified commercial transaction law

Business Name
Hands Free Travel Association

Representative Name
Akihiro Takagi

12th Floor Japan Building 6-2-2 Otemachi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004

Phone Number
E-mail Address:

Price for each size of luggage available at the luggage storage section.

Payment Method
Credit card

Payment Time
During the time of reservation

Booking confirmation method
After completion of payment a confirmation mail will be delivered immediately. Please visit the luggage storage along with details.

Return/Change/Cancellation etc.
We do not accept any return, changes or cancellation etc. after completion of reservation.
Cooling-off condition is not applicable for the service under specific commercial transaction law.

Service Usage Policy

Luggage storage service (later it will be considered as “service”) provided by theHands Free Travel Association where the registered user from the luggage storage area (hereafter referred to as “lender”). It is an online platform which matches the person who has made a reservation using the application for the luggage storage service (hereafter referred to as “the reservation applicant”). The reservation applicant corresponds to a member or a guest. This service will be operated by the Hands Free Travel Association Japan (hereafter referred to as “the service operator”).

At the time of using this service, visiting the site, browsing the website, take part in the website, using the applications etc. of the service (hereafter referred to as “the site etc.”) regardless of whether or not there will be a reservation application related to the luggage storage service. All persons (later will be considered as “users”) must read and agree to the terms of usage policy (later it will works as “terms of use”). To use any of the services you need to be agree with the usage policy.


Article 1

These Terms and Conditions are set to establish the rights and obligations between the Service Operator and the User, and applicable to maintain any relationship related to the Service between the User and the Service Operator.

Article 1.2

Any post related to the service rules by Service Operator on the Site and printed media will be considered as a part of the terms. The terms will prevail if the contents of the terms and the above-mentioned rules are different.

Article 1.3

In the case when company other than the Service Operator provides services in relation to the Service, the regulations should be applicable to the relevant section.

Article 1.4

Other matters that are not mentioned in these terms and conditions will be governed by Japanese laws and regulations or other common practice.

(Membership qualification)

Article 2

A person who agree with the terms can take part in the registration of membership (later consider as “member”), can apply for the membership registration to the Service Operator after agreeing with the terms, the Service Operator is the only entity which has the power of acceptance. A person who falls under any of the following can not be qualified as a member and can not become a registered user. In addition, if it is found that the member is a person who falls under any of the following after registration, the service operator has the right to cancel the membership of qualified member.

(1) Persons who are fall under anti-social forces such as gangs

(2) A person who is perceived to be in danger of being in violation of public order and morals

(3) Others who have found that the Service Operator is not appropriate for them

Article 2.2

The provisions of paragraph 1 will be applicable to those who use this service without performing membership registration (later will be considered as “guest”).

(Membership cancellation procedure)

Article 3

If the Service Operator determines that the member falls under the following list or the Service Operator decides that the service falls under the condition that the member’s membership is revoked, the service will be suspended and the access to the site will be denied, It can be done without given prior notice.

(1) In cases where it is deemed that it has violated laws and ordinances (including laws, ordinances, rules, etc. in addition to laws, orders, etc.) or any of the terms

(2) If fraudulent activities are recognized

(3) If the service operator found that the information given by the registered user is false

(4) In the case of creation of trouble to the service operator by other members, users, or third parties, regardless of whether they are in good faith or bad faith, negligence or without negligence

(5) If the Service Operator determines that the Service Operator, other members, users, or third parties will be a nuisance regardless of good intentions, bad faith, negligence or no negligence.

(6) If the Service Operator find appropriate reason for the operation of the Site.

Article 3.2

If any member cancel membership status, we may delete all or part of the information content / content related to the member and refuse the use of this site each time or in the future. In this case, the Service Operator may do without prior notice and will not be obligable to explain.

Article 3.3

If the member has a reason that falls under this Article, the Service Operator may not pay a part of the money to be paid to the member because of the offset with the right of compensation claim that the Service operator has against the member. May refuse all payments.

Article 3.4

This service operator will not take any responsibility of any damages directly or indirectly that may occur due to cancellation of membership qualifications.

Article 3.5

The provisions of articles 1 to 4 will be applicable to guests.

(Registration of membership)

Article 4

Membership registration should be done by the member. Membership registration other than the person is not permitted.

Article 4.2

Registration using false information can not be accepted for registration of the service.

Article 4.3

Members will be obliged to register, change and manage the correct information etc.

Article 4.4

If there is any change in the registered information must have to update the information immediately.

Article 4.5

The Service Operator shall not be liable for any damages directly or indirectly, cause by failure to change or manage registered information etc.

Article 4.6

The new contents shall be applied from the time when the service operator permits the change and management of the registered information etc. and retroactive effect shall not occur.

Article 4.7

This service administrator will not be liable for any damages arising from membership registration procedure.

Article 4.8

The provisions of articles 1, 2 and 7 will applicable equally to the guests.

(Withdrawal Procedure)

Article 5

The withdrawal confirmation will be notified by the service operator in a prescribed manner. If there is unfinished / open transactions, you can not withdraw.

Article 5.2

If you have a debt to the service operator upon withdrawal, you may lose all timely benefits and pay all debt immediately.

Article 5.3

If there are points available, all points will be revoked by withdrawal and can not be used later.

(Management of user ID and password)

Article 6

Members will be self responsible for the management and use of user ID and password.

Article 6.2

The member will not allow the third party to use the user ID and password for any reason.

Article 6.3

The members can not transfer the right of use of the service.

Article 6.4

Members can not use membership qualifications, user ID and password to third parties, and can not dispose, transfer, buy, sell, qualify, lend, rent, or any other ways.

Article 6.5

In this service, when a user ID or password is used by a third party, all acts / actions in this service regarding its use will be considered as the performance done by the member. The member will bear the responsibility for any damage caused by it, and this service operator will not be liable for any kind of damage of goodwill, bad faith or negligence.

(Expose of User ID and Password)

Article 7

If the user ID and password are leaked by a third party, please contact this service operator promptly. The Service Operator takes measures to suspend or terminate the user ID and password.

Article 7.2

The member will bear the responsibility for any damage caused by the information leakage, and this service operator will not take any responsibility. However, this does not apply to cases where the cause of the leakage is done by the service operator.

(Conclusion and usage of luggage storage service contract)

Article 8

The reserver of the storage select the place where he / she wants to use the luggage storage place posted on this site and when the reserver will collect the luggage must be mentioned during the time of reservation contract will be made.

Article 8.2

The reserver deposits his / her package to the service operator, and the service operator ensures to keep the luggage stored to the selected room where the reservation applicant has made a reservation and receives it.

Article 8.3

The right of the reservation applicant can not be transferred to the third party without the prior consent of the service operator.

Article 8.4

The method of using the luggage storage service depends on the method of posting on this site, printed media etc.

(Luggage storage location and handling conditions)

Article 9

In the luggage storage service, the place where the luggage of the reservation applicant is kept will be the place where the luggage kept posted on this site etc. and the delivery place will be the same place. However, at the time of delivery service place may be different.

Article 9.2

The opening day of the luggage storage area, the handling time of the luggage storage service, and other handling condition depends on posting on this site, printed media etc.

Article 9.3

If the luggage can not be delivered even if the delivery deadline is exceeded, the luggage could be kept till 10 days and discarded after the storage deadline. Expenses for cancellation will be borne by the reservation applicant.

(Available of luggage and responsibility)

Article 10

In the luggage storage service, the total height and weight of luggage that can be handled lies within 160 cm and 30 kg or less in the three sides, and will be taken by the applicant of the reserver who is deemed appropriate by the service operator and the lender. .

Article 10.2

The service operator and the lender can check the contents of the package of the applicant if it is judged necessary for custody. If the reservation applicant refuses this confirmation, the Service Operator and the Lender may refuse to use the luggage storage service and other related services. In this case, the paid usage fee can not be refunded.

Article 10.3

If the service operator and the lender decided that there is a suspicion of a violation of the law or the violation of the terms and conditions regarding the luggage keeping in custody, the contents of the package may be checked, and if necessary contact to the relevant organizations such as police. The reservation applicant agrees that the notification and other measures may be taken. Even if the service operator and the lender cause any damage to the reservation applicant by taking these measures, the service operator and the lender will not take any responsibility.

Article 10.4

The service operator and the lender keep the packages mentioned in article 1 with the care of the good manager. However, if the delivery deadline is over, it will be stored with the same care as for your property.

Article 10.5

When damage such as loss, damage occurs about the baggage of 5 Clause 1, except when it is force majeure, this service operator will compensate for the damage up to 30,000 Yen. The amount of compensation for damages will be calculated by the service operator based on the market value of the baggage at the time of the occurrence of the damage and the extent of the damage.

Article 10.6

The damages prescribed in article 10.5 can be claimed within 10 days from the day of reservation when applicant receives the delivery of the package, according to the procedure prescribed by the service operator.

(Non-handling of luggage and liability)

Article 11

In this service, cash, securities, precious metals, gems, works of art, valuables, precision instruments, fresh food, frozen and refrigerated foods, organisms, dangerous goods, igniters etc. inappropriate for the service owner and lender can not keep custody of any package.

Article 11.2

If the reservation applicant violates article 11, the service operator and the lender shall not be liable for any damage or loss.

Article 11.3

In the case where it is considered that the reservation applicant violates article 11, if the service operator and the lender decide that it is necessary to avoid danger, they will be able to dispose the package. The expenses will be borne by the reserver.

Article 11.4

If the reserver violates the article 11 and bring damages to the service operator and the lender, the service operator and the lender may seek compensation.

(Fees and methods of payment)

Article 12

The reservation applicant wil pay the service operator or the lender according to the specified payment method, the fees for use separately displayed on the site as compensation for the use of the luggage storage service.

Article 12.2

If the applicant has not received the package even if the delivery deadline has been exceeded the extra charge and the cost for storage will be paid separately.

Article 12.3

If the reservation applicant is late for payment of the usage fee, the reservation applicant will pay a delay of 14.6% to the service operator or the lender.

(Cancellation, change etc.)

Article 13

There will be no refund of charges after payment. Even if the reservation applicant cancels or changes the use of the luggage storage service after booking, the paid usage charge can not be refunded.

(Prohibited matters)

Article 14

Users will not using the service, conduct an act that falls under any of the following items or an act that the Service Operator judges to fall under: If the service operator decides that the matter falls under the prohibited matter, it will stop all or part of the act without taking notice in advance, and will take all measures, including legal measures to eliminate the violation.It will be

(1) Acts that violate the law, acts related to criminal acts

(2) Acts that violate the Terms

(3) Acts of fraud or threat to the Service Operator, other users of the Service or other third parties

(4) Act against public order and morals

(5) Acts that infringe the intellectual property right, portrait right, right of privacy, honor, other rights or interests of this service operator, other users of this service or other third parties

(6) Through the Service, transmit to the Service Operator or other reservation applicants or users of the Service or other third parties the information that the Service Operator judges as falling under or falls under the following: about

○ Information that includes excessively violent or cruel expressions

○ Information including computer viruses and other harmful computer programs

○ Information including expressions that damage the honor or credibility of the Service Operator, other users of the Service or other third parties

○ Information that includes overly obscene expressions

○ Information including expressions promoting discrimination

○ Information including expressions promoting suicide and self-harm

○ Information including expressions promoting inappropriate use of drugs

○ Information including antisocial expressions

○ Information that seeks to spread information to third parties such as chain mail

○ Information including expressions that make others uncomfortable

○ Information for the purpose of meeting with the opposite sex without acquaintance

(7) Act that create excessive load on the network or system of this service

(8) Acts that may interfere with the operation of this service

(9) Unauthorized access to the service provider’s network or system etc. or attempt to gain unauthorized access

(10) Act to impersonate a third party

(11) Act of using information of other users of this service

(12) Advertising, advertising, solicitation, or sales activities on the Service not permitted by the Service Operator in advance

(13) Collection of information of other reservation applicants and users of this service

(14) Acts that bring disadvantage, damage or discomfort to the Service Operator, other users of the Service or other third parties

(15) Provision of benefits to antisocial forces

(16) Any other acts that the service operator considered as inappropriate

(User’s liability for damages)

Article 15

If the user causes damage to the service operator and the lender by intentional or negligence or violation of the terms and conditions the user will be compensated for the damage.

(Interruption, change, termination of service)

Article 16

Due to problems with this site this service may not be able to continue. In addition, if the Service Operator decides that the Service may be suspended at any time for any reason.

Article 16.2

The Service Operator may stop, change, cancel, or terminate the contents of the Service at any time without prior notice.

Article 16.3

The Service Operator will not be liable for any damage caused to the User based on the measures taken under this Article.

(Deletion of content)

Article 17

If the Service Operator decides that the content posted on the site is not appropriate as the content of the Service, he or she may change, delete content without any prior notice.

Article 17.2

The Service Operator may at the discretion of the Service Operator, arbitrarily delete any content posted by the Member on the site without any prior notice.


Article 18

The Service Operator may not directly or indirectly responsible whether the damage caused by the use of the service or the service cannot be made  whether or not there is any prediction or possibility of such damage. Beside this we do not take any responsibility.

Article 18.2

In the case where the terms and conditions fall under the Consumer Contracts Act, article no 2, Paragraph no. 3 of the Consumer Contracts Act (Law No. 61 of 2000), the liability for damages of the Service operator will be completely exempted. The provisions will not apply. If the damage caused to the user is based on the insolvency or tort of the service operator, the service operator will be liable for damages up to 30,000 yen. Provided, however the service operator may or may not have gross negligence. In addition, the provisions of paragraph 11 section 5 will be applicable to reservation applicants with priority.

(Intellectual Property Right)

Article 19

Intellectual property rights such as copyright concerning the service belong to the service operator or a person who has license to operate the service and the license of the service based on the terms. It does not mean the licensing of the intellectual property rights of the service operator or the person who has license to operate the service.

Article 19.2

The user of this service is asked that he / she has a legal right to post and / or transmit post data and the post data does not infringe the rights of a third party express and guarantee.

Article 19.3

The user who has the license to operate the service regarding the posted data, worldwide, non-exclusive, free, sublicensable and transferable use, reproduction, distribution, creation of derivative works, display and execution. Grant It is also non-exclusive for other users to use, copy, distribute, create, display and execute derivative works of post data sent or otherwise sent by users using this service. Grant a license.

Article 19.4

The user agrees not to exercise the author’s moral right to the service operator and the person to whom the service operator inherits or grants the right.

(Change of terms)

Article 20

The Service Operator may change the terms of service at any time without notifying the user in advance. However, in cases where it has a significant impact on users, a reasonable period will be established in advance and notified in advance. By using this service after the date of change user will be deemed to agree to the change.

(Government Act and Jurisdiction of Court)

Article 21

The governing law of these terms is following Japanese law. For disputes and lawsuits relating to this service, the Tokyo District Court will be the court of exclusive agreement for the first trial.


Article 22

Even if any clause or part of the terms and conditions are considered as invalid or unenforceable under the Consumer Contracts Act or other laws, the remaining provisions and some of the terms are invalid or the rest of the provision determined to be unenforceable will continue to be fully effective.

Created on 1st of January 2019




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