Privacy Policy (Personal Information Protection Policy)

To protect the personal information handled by the association, the Omura Tourism Association (later it will be referred to as “our association”) establishes the privacy policy (personal information protection policy) mentioned below.
Please make sure that you read the privacy policies before using the services of our association including our luggage storage service “Tebura” and after agree with our privacy policy please provide us your personal information. Without providing personal information you can not be able to use all or part of services of the association.
(Policy Scope)
Article 1.1
The acquired personal information will be used only for services related purpose of the association. However if there is a provision that is different for other services in that case that provision will prevail.
Article 1.2
In case of acquisition if any other business entity receive the information that are related with the similar services the above provision will be applicable.
(Acquisition of Personal Information)
Article 2
The association acquire all the personal information through reasonable and fair way when customer makes inquiries, use application etc. services related with the association.
(Use of Personal Information)
Article 3.1
Acquired personal information will be used only within the scope when it is necessary to achieve the following purpose of our association as well as to carry the business activities.
Information can be used for service related contact or correspondence issue.
Implementation and service provision.
Survey, Research and Analysis of service based on situation,
Improvement of services.
Planning and Development of new services.
Other relevant works.
Article 3.2
At the time of providing personal information to the subcontractors by the association we will strictly analyze the trustworthiness of the subcontractors through different types of queries in a confidential way.
(Personal Information Management)
Article 4
The association is committed to keeping the acquired personal information accurate and up to date and in this regard will establish a mechanism for protecting personal information, establish system of management and will ensure proper training for all executives and employees, we will ensure strict and safe management.
(Personal Information sharing policy)
Article 5
Personal Information will be used by the association for the following activities. The association will conduct appropriate supervision to join user through secret process.
Personal information just like Name, Phone Number, Email can be used jointly.
There is a scope to share information with the users at SamePage Limited (Bangladesh Subsidiary)
Purpose of sharing will be cooperation with luggage storage service “Tebura” and for the planning and development of system.
General association of Tourism will be responsible for join use of information.
(Personal information usage provision for third party)
Article 6
The association will not provide personal information to the third party without obtaining consent of the information provider in advance. In the case of law enforcement authority the situation is exceptional.
(Disclosure, correction, suspension of usage of personal information)
Article 7.1
The association will disclose, correct or suspense the personal information upon the request of the information holder or by his/her agent. However, this does not applicable in the cases when someone violate the laws and regulations or if there is a significant impediment to the work of our association.
Article 7.2
To disclose the information as mentioned in the previous paragraph fees will be charged.
(Review compliance with laws and regulations)
Article 8
The association will comply personal information with applicable law and regulations and at the same time review the content of this policy as appropriate and strive to improve it. If the policy is revised it will be notified through the website of our association, but in the case of law and regulation it will be exceptional.
(Contact Us)
Article 9
For any types of inquiry regarding handle of personal information by our association, please contact to the following address.

General association of luggage free travel
2-6-2 Otemachi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 100-0004 Japan Building 12F
General Association of Tourism
TRAVEL HUB MIX counter office




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