ID 0022 10% Soba Cafe Bar

Opening Hour: 11:00 – 17:00

A restaurant where you can enjoy sake and sweets as well as delicious buckwheat noodles.
Our Shop offers noodles made from buckwheat flour which contains 10% soba (gluten free).

We also offer Craft Beer, Japanese Shake, Buckwheat shochu, Green Tea, Coffee.
It is very much near to Kyoto Imperial palace and Haruaki shrine, feel free to use it while enjoying beautiful sights.

Luggage Size Weight & width Price
Small Up to 5kg & 80cm ¥300/Day
Large Up to 30kg & 160cm ¥600/Day


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  • 406-1, Fukui Heights, Fukui ward, Kyoto city
  • 7 minute walking distance to the west from Imadegawa station exit 4



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